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Hi! Let me introduce myself. My name is Louis, but everyone except family calls me Biglouie. I grew up and still live in a small town, and wouldn't have it any other way. After graduating high school I spent a couple years hitchhiking across the country with an uncle. Had a great time and learned quite a lot. I would not advise doing anything like that today. Started a career in hotel and restaurant management when i was around twenty one. Got married too soon, had a rocky relationship, got divorced, stayed single for a while. Met someone started a relationship decided not to marry, been together for going on twenty four years. Got hurt in a fall few years ago. Messed one hip and pelvis up so bad that doctors didn't think i would ever be able to walk again, and if i did it would most likely be with crutches or a walker. But I fooled them, spent a couple of years on crutches and decided to try using canes. Now I get around pretty damn good with just one. So I got nothing to bitch about. Love dogs,and can tolerate kids. Enjoy meeting people, but can't stand arrogant small minded individuals who believe that their position or opinion is always right. Well i guess that just about sums it up.

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